Hi! I'm Laurie!

I like planning adventures for my family. My husband calls me a professional traveler. My mom says I'm a lucky girl.... They are both are right!

What's a séjour?

A séjour, as I define it, is a long-term stay in a foreign country. It's my preferred way of travel. I like to hunker down and get to know a place - and that's easier to do if you stick around for a few weeks. We like to stay in apartments instead of hotels... Send the kids to school or to summer camp. Learn the language, go grocery shopping, organize playdates... generally, live like a local! 

Our first séjour

In 2010, my daughters and I spend 2.5 months in a tiny village in Provence, France. They attended the local elementary school - while I rediscovered my passion for food and life! 

My favorite places: London and France

In 2015, we moved from Seattle to London and now it's even easier for us to explore Europe. We continue to take French séjours - although now we focus our resources on summer camps and ski vacations.  

I'm just about the happiest, luckiest person I know and I want to share a little of what I've learned with you!

Does your family need an adventure?

The answer is YES!

So what's stopping you?  Go make it happen! (And if you need help, get in touch.)


Here's why I started Séjour Travels.

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