Bilingual Preschools in Paris

Bilingual Montessori Schools:

Private / International Schools

Research Tips:

“Bilingual” education means different things to different schools, so it's important to ask questions.

Often the English versions of French websites are not complete. Use Google Chrome and make use of the translate bar at the top of the page.

School schedules: Most schools are not in session on Wednesdays, though in some cases Garderie (childcare) will be available. School days are long (varies ~ 8:15-4:15) with a 1.5-2 hour lunch break. You can either bring your child home for lunch, or pay a fee for them to eat at school. We did a combo of both, but mostly my daughters ate at school. The food is really good and I thought it would be a good way for them to make friends.

Kindergarten in FR is considered Preschool = Grande Section (Maternelle)

(Paris Illustration by Etsy: MERENTHEshop)