School Séjours: FAQs

Q: What exactly is a séjour?

A séjour [say-zhur] is defined as a long-term stay. I think of a séjour as at least six weeks in one location, usually in a foreign country or culture - long enough to settle into a daily routine and absorb local life.

Q: How much does a typical séjour cost?

Costs vary depending on location, length of stay, time of year, etc. You should allow a minimum of $2500 per month for a rental property. You’ll probably also need a rental car (at least $1000 per month). Public schools are free. Summer camps will vary, but are their prices are comparable to summer camps in the US.

Q: If we want to go during the school year: which do I confirm first – the rental property or the school?

They happen in tandem. Don’t book one without talking to the other.

Q: Can I really register my American children in French public school? What is involved?

Yes, you can. Check out How to Register for French Public Schools.

Q: What is the summer camp situation in France?

There are terrific summer camp options in France, but they can be tricky to find online. See How to Register for Summer Camps in France.

Q: How far in advance should I make rental reservations?

9-12 months in advance. It can be difficult to find 2 consecutive months of availability in the rental property market.

Q: What was the hardest part of your first séjour trip?

Parenting alone in a foreign country. My husband continued to work in Seattle, joining us in France towards the end of our stay. Solo-parenting in a foreign country was exhausting - but also rewarding! 

Q: Why do your kids speak French? 

Yes. We speak English at home, buy my kids attended the French Immersion School of Washington (pre-school through Grade 5). Their French was strong enough for them to attend schools and camps in France with minimal adjustment. I highly recommend FISW. There are also 51 other French Immersion schools in the US and Canada.

Q: Who designed your website?

That'd be me! I'm learning as I go - so apologies for broken links!