Freelance Consultants

This post is part of a series called Q&A Tuesday: French Visas. Our resident expert is Laurence Raybois from Americans Moving to France and Rural France Resources. We want to hear from you! Send me your questions or put them in the comments below. We’ll try to get your question answered in an upcoming post.

This month's question:

I am a freelance consultant, with my own US-based small business (LLC). I can do my work from any computer connected to the internet. Can I live in France? What kind of Visa should I apply for? 


As a freelance consultant with your own US-based business, you should be able to live in France simply by obtaining a one-year visitor’s visa that could be renewed after that.  Indeed, provided you do not seek business opportunities in France and your professional options or the nature of the product or service you offer do not change by virtue of you being in France, then you would not be considered to be “working in France.” Thus there would be no need for you to seek a work visa, which is harder to get than a visitor’s visa.

A key criteria to obtaining a visitor’s visa is to show that you either have savings for the duration of your stay in France, or a source of income.  A stable consulting business that has provided you with a consistent income for the last few years could just be it.

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